Anywhere Fitness™️ Adjustable Doorway Pull-Up Bar

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Our patented pull up bar is adjustable to fit standard doorways, and is designed to work perfectly in your home, garage, or office. 


• Shape your ideal body - Tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, and abs.

Comfortable hand grips - We use extra-long sponge non-slip grips for added comfort to alleviate any discomfort or pain at the hands and wrists.

• Quick and easy set up - Takes minutes to lock in place. We use a unique design which prevents the pull-up bar from getting loose while exercising.


Pull ups are one of the most effective muscle-building exercise you could possibly do, all you need is your own body weight and you can do them almost anywhere, but what if you don't have the money or space to build a gym at home?

Then our Doorway Pull Up Bar is the perfect tool for you! Even if you are not the owner of the place where you live, you can still exercise without needing to screw a bar, paying for expensive tools or fearing to damage the doorway!

This heavy duty pull up bar is a must-have in any home! Made of a highly durable chrome steel and comfortable foam handles, this pull up bar is a sleek and efficient bar that will help you reach your fitness goals faster and at an affordable priceEasy, fast and convenient to set-up, each of end the bar can be extended to fit just about any door frame. It’s strong enough to hold 200 kg of user weight for awesome pull ups and hanging crunches, and you can take it down easily.


  • Diameter/Thickness: 30 mm/1.0 mm
  • Max Support: 200 kg
  • Length: 23-39 Inches


  • Adjustable and can fit any standard door
  • Functional and secure telescoping design
  • Comfortable foam grip helps minimize hand fatigue
  • Multipurpose use including pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, sit-ups and crunches


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